Easy steps to keep them beautiful


 I just want to share some quick tips on succulent care. 

1. Succulents need natural bright light

Keep them near a window, on a bright patio, or in partial sun for several hours a day. Sun is what gives them their beautiful shape and color. Without proper sun, succulents start to lose their color and shape in as quickly as one week.

HELPFUL TIP: If you're like me and you want to have succulents around your home, here's a few that don't need to be in direct light... Haworthia, Aloe, Agave, Cactus, String of Pearls, String of Hearts, Panda plant, String of Buttons, and there are several others too, but here's a good start.

2. Succulent roots need to dry between watering

If the roots stay in wet soil, they tend to rot, but it's very easy to avoid. Simply water your succulents when the soil has completely dried, giving the roots a chance to "breathe." Every climate is different so be sure to check your soil for moisture. I like to test the soil with a chop stick or popsicle stick if it comes out dry i water. You can also buy a plant water meter that will tell you the moisture level in your soil. Water your potted succulents less and ones planted directly in the ground. 

3. Winter Hardiness

Most succulents can not tolerate frost, so be sure to bring them indoors in the winter months. Sempervivum is one that does well in frosty climate, but echevarias and graptoverias will not survive outdoors in snow or freezing temperatures.

4. Soil 

Cactus soil and pumice provide the best environment for succulents. 

5. Succulent cuttings 

Cuttings are a great way to share and collect different types of succulents, just be sure that the cut end of the stem has 'calloused over' before watering to prevent rotting.